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Is ​natural wine a ​new trend?

Natural wines have been made for thousands of years and only in the past century, thanks to science, winemaking has become more of an industrial act, allowing technological interventions in the process and increasing the production volumes. 

The real meaning of Natural winemaking is low intervention viticulture, such as no use of chemical pesticides or fertilisers but allowing the vineyard’s own environment- flora and fauna - to take care of the vines, in addition to the use of indigenous wild yeasts, already present on the grapes, to carry out the fermentation and no additives during the winemaking process.

To go the extra mile in Natural winemaking is to create a wine without the addition of sulphites on bottling. For such feat, one needs to work on the best quality grapes possible and therefore the harvest and selection of the grapes has to be made by hand. Spontaneously occurring fermentation requires constant attention to ensure that the process continues healthily and is creating all the desired flavours and aromas. The bottom line here is that the wine relies fully on its own compounds, dynamics and defences to make it through its bottled life!

Kontozisis A-Grafo Assyrtiko White 2019
Orange | PGI Karditsa | Thessaly | Central Greece | 14% ABV | Natural | Organic | Biodynamic | Vegan | No added sulphites                                 

Kontozisis A-Grafo Roditis Orange 2019
Orange | PGI Karditsa | Thessaly | Central Greece | 12.5% ABV 
| Natural | Organic | Biodynamic| Vegan| No added sulphites 

Kontozisis A-Grafo Malagousia White 2019
Orange | PGI Karditsa | Central Greece | 12% ABV | 
Natural | Organic | Biodynamic| Vegan | No added sulphites

Athanasiou Fysis Red 2016
Red | PDO Nemea | Peloponnese | 14.5% ABV |
Natural | Organic | Biodynamic | 0 Sulphur

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Gold Award Winners

​Afianes Icarus Red  ​& ​Afianes Litani White

For more than 20 years, with love, persistence, faith in organic cultivation and a spirit of creative experimentation, Nikos Afianes, a local Pharmacist, has been growing on the impressive granitic island of Ikaria the two local PGI grape varieties, Fokiano and Begleri. In the course of making wines from experimental vineyards at different altitudes and different microclimates on the Western part of the island, a few innovative styles have been created in a limited number of bottles from these two grapes. Nikos’ wines defend the term ‘fine’ with their elegance, unquestionable quality and development potential with time, whilst they remain anchored to traditional practices and totally pure without any technological intervention or additives.

Afianes Litani White 2018
White | PGI Ikaria | Aegean Islands | 12% ABV | 750ml
Natural | Organic | Biodynamic

Afianes Icarus Red 2013
Red | PGI Ikaria | Aegean Islands | 13% ABV | 750ml
Natural | Organic | Biodynamic 

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6 bottle pack £160 (£190.50)

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​Grampsas ​​Allegro Red 2017

Avgoustiatis is a little known red grape variety found originally around the Ionian islands (more notably on Zakynthos) and the western part of the Peloponnese peninsula, from where it has made its way to a further two Aegean islands about 15 years ago. Following this purposeful and creative migration of the grape, we now have distinguished bottlings coming from these two most recent plantings on the islands of Tinos and Samos. The variety ripens relatively early in the growing season and harvested typically in August, where the name of the grape comes from the grape of August.

Special climatic conditions of Ionian Sea combined with Zakynthian terroir create the character of Allegro Red wine, which is produced by Avgoustiatis variety. 

A pleasant wine with aromas of red fruits, flowers and buttery notes. It’s mouth is vivid with mild tannins and delicate taste.

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